Dr. Anne Stenros

Professor, Nagaoka University of Technology

Areas of Expertise

  • Architecture
  • Creative Leadership and Strategic Design
  • Design Research and Innovation
  • Social Engineering
  • Smart Urbanization

Dr. Anne Stenros is a multi-awarded creative visionary who brings over 30 years of experience in design and architecture, creative leadership, business transformation, and design research and innovation.

Anne was the first Chief Design Officer to be appointed by the City of Helsinki. Prior to this, she led and oversaw technology and design projects at Design Forum Finland, Hong Kong Design Centre and at KONE Corporation. A design-thinker and speaker lecturing across the world, she held a professorship at the Aalto University School of Business in Finland (2016), GLOBIS University in Tokyo, Japan (2019), and at the Nagaoka University of Technology in Nagaoka, Japan (2020).

She was awarded as the Top Chief Design Officer by the World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) and China Industrial Design Association (CIDA) in 2018 and received recognitions from The Finnish Society of Crafts and Design (The Gold Estlander Medal) and the City of Helsinki.

Anne holds a Ph.D. in Technology from the Helsinki University of Technology and master’s degrees in architecture from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Oulu.

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