Bianca Yamaguchi

Senior Researcher, The Nagaoka Review

Areas of Expertise

  • Corporate Value Creation
  • Trend Analysis and Consumer Behavior
  • Sustainable Development
  • Alternative Economics
  • Youth Leadership

Born in 1988 on the shores of the Black Sea, she spent the last 10 years in Japan advocating for the shift towards more sustainable, ethical business practices centered on social welfare.

Bianca helps social businesses and non-profits grow their impact by identifying key trends, up-to-the-minute innovations and collaborative opportunities. Utilizing her knowledge in various fields, such as psychology, marketing, business, sustainability and economics, she delivers holistic solutions through public speaking and creative workshops. She believes that a global perspective, a growth mindset, and a playful mind can bring visible change.

Bianca considers herself a visionary global citizen, a disruptive thinker and a creative problem solver.

She has started her academic career with a BA in General Psychology and gradually built her portfolio of certificates to include:

  • Sustainable Science from the Graduate University of Tokyo (JP)
  • Circular Economics from TU Delft (NL)
  • Microeconomics from MIT (USA)
  • Sustainable Development from The SDGs Academy (UN)

After working for the Corporate Value Creation Department of Toyota Motors Corporation and five years of business consulting at JCE, she launched the Zero Waste Japan volunteer group in 2015 and now is a freelance consultant at The Zero Way. She is a polyglot, public speaker and author, and is currently working to help young minds succeed in business by volunteering as a mentor for YMCA Youth for Causes, and Hult Prize judge and advisor.

Her future plans include receiving her PhD diploma and continuing to create a society based on sustainable development, ethical business development, social equity, cultural equality, physical and mental health, and lastly positive human progress in harmony with both nature and technology.

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