Itziar Serrano Perez

Master's Student - Policy Sciences and Social Governance, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University.

Areas of Expertise

  • Labor Market Issues (Youth, Foreign &  Female Employment)
  • College Job-Hunting Process
  • Human Resources Management
  • Social Governance

A Japanese studies graduate from the Autonomous University of Madrid, Itziar’s passion for Japanese studies led her to study more about Japanese culture. After experiencing a year of exchange at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, she moved to Washington D.C., USA, where she pursued her internship in a non-profit organization, APAICS (Asian American Institute for Congressional Studies) where she learned strong leadership skills as well as the process of inclusion of Asian Pacific Americans in the US congress.

Itziar believes in improving and challenging herself. Her curiosity coupled with her interest in understanding different viewpoints and human behavior led her to discovering ways to understand and facilitate in the betterment of societal challenges. The most valuable experience she has learned in her experience abroad is the ability to connect the dots of similar issues across distinct societies. It is through this experience that Itziar believes in the possibility of enhancing the society and striving for a more inclusive and fair society.

Itziar also believes in continuous self-growth, with “Never Stop Learning” as a motto she holds dear to her heart.

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