Samridh Jain

Contributor, The Nagaoka Review

Areas of Expertise

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Business development
  • Strategy Experimentation
  • Product and Service Innovation

A firm believer in the Mamba Mentality, a concept developed by Kobe Bryant as a “constant quest to be a better self by staying curious,” Samridh is interested in designing ideas, building products, and strategizing by leveraging his broad knowledge. This assumption also drove him to follow his studies in Mechanical Engineering. Currently, he is an undergraduate student in his 4th year at Waseda University. His academic coursework focuses on the coexistence of AI, Robots, and humans by creating humanoids with emotional intelligence.

Samridh has been in Japan for 13 years now and in Product Management for around two years. With a particular interest in digital transformation and social entrepreneurship, Samridh has broad experience working mainly in the startup ecosystem as SLUSH Tokyo, VC intern, and automotive companies.

Using his expertise in Business + Tech, his goal is to work as a product manager or a consultant to drive innovation and pursue challenging solutions strategically such that businesses and societies can transform at high speed.

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