Tudor Tomos

Senior Researcher, The Nagaoka Review

Areas of Expertise

  • Storytelling & Media Production
  • Sustainable Businesses and Social Innovation

Tudor’s interests and passions come from seemingly divergent but complementary paths. An engineer by education, Tudor has had an extensive experience in strategic communications and developed a keen interest in social innovation.

Throughout his career, Tudor has helped organizations and communities harness digital and traditional communication channels in creating value. He produced content of public interests and covered news for the government of Romania and worked with JCI, a nonprofit organization engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. From these experiences, Tudor has refined authentic and unique brand storytelling that is key in building trust and mobilizing audiences.

A graduate of Electronics and Telecommunications, Tudor has a solid technical background in electronics, network engineering, and software development.

Tudor lectures on Social Innovation at Nagaoka University of Technology (Japan).

For Tudor, the social and technical paths he chose are complementary paths that bridge human with technology, enabling us to better innovate for the future.

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