As engineers, you have confidence in creating great products and developing innovations. But did you know that even great products can flop when they launch to no one?

In today’s digital world, there are tools and techniques that allow you to determine the value of your idea and the emotional connection it will have with your audience. Being able to prepare and getting an early read of your product’s value is a crucial component to its success.

It’s true that creating an amazing product might require thousands of hours of research and development, but did you know that it doesn’t take as long to get an overview of the potential market size and consumer trends for a product you are building?

Doing this early in the process allows you to make adjustments to your message, your target market, or your product.

Top 20 job roles in increasing and decreasing demand across industries

Source: Future of Jobs Survey 2020, World Economic Forum.

What You Will Learn

The Digital Marketing course introduces students to the tools and techniques used in today’s digital world. At the same time, it also provides the knowledge about the business advantages of digital marketing and its importance for marketing success. You will develop a digital marketing plan, create a SWOT analysis, define a target group, create a content plan to build and enhance your product reputation, and learn how to use different digital tools and techniques (for example, Google SEO, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram Ads, Websites, etc.) all throughout the program.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, one of the tools that will be used in class. Image source: Unsplash

At the end of the course, students are expected to identify the importance of digital marketing and communications in business and personal success. The course will cover:

  • online behaviour trends
  • digital and social media technologies and platforms
  • digital planning
  • community building and management
  • content creation and curation
  • platform selection
  • data analytics and evaluation

The assignments and projects will enable you to show your knowledge and ability to apply concepts, models, critical thinking and problem solving skills, and core management competencies.

It is intended to be of value in professional practice and to reflect real world issues and activities.

You are encouraged to use a real work-related project for the assignment which is great for employers, showing the practical relevance of the course. 

When Are Classes Going to be Held

The class will be held every Saturdays from October 16 to December 11. See below for the complete schedule of the class:

DAY 1: 16 October (Sat) – 1,2 限
DAY 2: 23 October (Sat) – 1,2 限
DAY 3: 30 October (Sat) – 1,2 限
DAY 4: 6 November (Sat) – 1,2 限
DAY 5: 20 November (Sat) – 3,4 限
DAY 6: 27 November (Sat) – 1,2 限
DAY 7: 4 December (Sat) – 1,2 限
DAY 8: 11 December (Sat) – 1 限

Image Source: Brainpulse

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James Redmond Chua

James Redmond Chua

Executive Project Manager, JCE Japan Creative Enterprise