Author and marketing strategist Dev Glover believes that entrepreneur and creators will be responsible for the most powerful lifestyle enhancement in the 2020s and beyond. With an impressive number of marketing and social marketing campaigns under his belt, Glover is renowned for his expertise in marketing strategy, public relations, social marketing, medical and dental practice marketing and recruitment marketing for research trials.

Wanting to serve the broader community, he decided to put into writing his insights and experiences.

Dev Glover, Author of Doing Your Dream Book Series.

“I would speak at organizations, just speak to groups, and oftentimes get asked if I have written a book. And I kept hearing it so often I thought to myself, well, maybe I should actually, I should actually write!” he recalled.

The result: two books that lay out how to realize success in one’s business or creative enterprise.

Inspiration and activation

Called the “Doing Your Dream Series,” his books are about inspiration and activation.

Book I: Doing Your Dream: 7 Steps to Creativity, Entrepreneurship & Wealth! describes how you can take steps, build the foundation, and put the strategies in place,” he revealed.

It provides specific strategies that anyone who is an entrepreneur or creative can take.

These include: starting out strong with your own unique talents, passions, and skills; naming the dream with passion, power, and purpose; making your vision vast; growing your grit; mastering your marketing; hacking your wealth; and mastering your money.

On the other hand, Book II: 25 Quotes for Passion, Power, Purpose & Profits, which is about inspiration, is packed with quotes to motivate the entrepreneur or creative.

Glover likes to compare the entrepreneurial or creative efforts to climbing a mountain.

The enormous effort of scaling such heights—at times, alone, or at times, with companions—then finally reaching the top, he imagines, resonates with many people.

“That success—maybe that would remind them that they are definitely equipped for future challenges, especially those of an entrepreneurial or creative endeavour,” he added.

Power Quotes

Glover believes power quotes can do much to spark passion, purpose and profits, especially in trying times.

His message to individuals struggling to start a business: “Stop waiting for it to be perfect. There is no perfect time to start a new creative engagement, a new business. But you have to start. Everybody’s waiting for the perfect time to do everything. It does not exist. Begin movement and action.”

For entrepreneurs who have made the leap and started their own, he says: “Most people never even start so you have done the hardest part already. You have stepped out on faith and have begun the journey. Now that you have found a way to begin, the only thing you have to do now is to find a way to keep going. Find a way to keep going no matter what because you know everybody will not have the luxury.”

In this fast-moving digital age, he adds: “Don’t be derailed by other people’s stuff. We are living in a time where through technology, people share everything. It’s powerful but can also be distracting. And sometimes in many cases, to be an entrepreneur or to be a creator, you really have to find the silence within. You really have to take the steps to make sure that your emotional, spiritual needs are met. And you don’t get distracted.

And for those who have reached the top and are looking with a wide view, his message is: “Keep growing your grit, your perseverance, your desire to excel and to exceed. Fight, fight, fight for your dreams! Because those who want to play at the top and stay at the top, keep showing up. They keep working out, they keep working out hard. They keep setting goals. They stay committed and remain consistent. Discipline is a word people don’t like to hear because discipline is not easy.”

The last one, he says is particularly interesting and potent: “After we commit to a decision, how much are we willing to fight to make it real?”

Take Action

With his books, Glover wants to reach out to people, and in the process, inspire, and activate them.

“I really want people to begin taking action to really decide what vision they want to see for themselves, to decide how they want to contribute. That is my mission. That is why I have written these books,” he clarified.

As a way of reaching out, he made available on the Doing to Dream website free content to help start people on their journey.

In addition, a global giveaway is on from the 24th to the 27th of March, for those who want to check out his work.

Both books will be available for download for free from Amazon on the aforementioned dates.

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James Redmond Chua

James Redmond Chua

Executive Project Manager, JCE Japan Creative Enterprise